YBS (Young Ballers Shining)

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Tyriece Watson and Dajuan Cannady are from West Baltimore, they were only in middle school when they thought of a plan to feed their family every night Tyriece And Dajuan would sneak out of their homes to make money. They would rob or sell drugs and rap in front of deli's and sell in front of them. Dajuan and Tyriece brought about over 10,000 dollars to their homes while the parents of the two thought nothing of it and used the money to get them school clothes etc,. In high school they met a guy name Martrel he said he was an DJ and was looking for rappers or singers. Tyriece and Dajuan responded with "Well we already got our little thing going but we need a producer.' Martrel kindly accepted to be their producer and that's how YBS became what they are today.

What Is My Faction About?
This faction is about music mostly there hasn't been many factions with something to do with music so to make RP creative I thought of making a faction where its a record label but at the same time gang affiliated.

How Can Someone Join YBS And Where Can They Find Me?
You can come around Ganton where I may host rap battles etc and you'll see me most likely wearing a chain that says YBS. You can also come over by the casino near rodeo or groove street so it's not only one place we may be we can be everywhere.

Some Personal Background About Where YBS Came From And Yourself.
I'ma cut it short, I grew up with both parents, in middle school I met skola you may see him around me a lot that's when we made YBS I rapped for my city because Baltimore was almost like another Chicago people die a lot so I rapped for the people not really money because we had money but we didn't have a lot.

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Not a fan of the thread lay out or colours, nevertheless, good luck.
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Slight lack of information, otherwise, looks pretty decent can't wait to see what in game role play the faction will impose.
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