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Lucky Plucker is a small restaurant chain, few stores spread throughout Los Angeles. It only has one restaurant in operation which is located in South LA and is in the process of opening its second store in West LA, adjacent to the KTLA5 Headquarters. The chain sells a variety of meals including sandwiches, pizza, and fried chicken. It is likely a minor competitor of the much larger Cluckin' Bell chain, which also specializes in fried chicken.


Joaquin & Tiffany Flores is a married couple who founded the fast-food chain in the late year of 2007, both Joaquin & Tiffany attended culinary arts classes while in school. Joaquin Flores was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and was raised in New Orleans, Lousiana. Nearly finished with grade school, Joaquin had obtained a job and saved up enough money to travel to Los Angeles, California where he planned to manage a fast-food restaurant. Tiffany Flores, maiden name Anderson, was born & raised in San Francisco, California and attended a state university following grade school. Tiffany later dropped out of college after succumbing to family & financial problems, aiming to find a job to help out with the financial problems.

Credits to GTA Wiki for Lucky Plucker information
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Good luck with this faction, sounds great so far!
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