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My name is Jeff, I began playing SA-MP in 2011. I've played SA-MP for about 75% of them 7 years and I've enjoyed it. This previous August I returned to SA-MP after a year-long break and began to construct a server instead of playing on others. I'm calm, if anyone needs any assistance or needs to talk about something, we can talk. I'm not a quitter. If something bad happens to the server I'm not just going to up and quit because things aren't going as planned. We previously lost two head administrators that were a big part of this community and we've moved past that point and continue to strive for success. In the future, I plan on expanding this community to future games. I like Garry's Mod, creativity and freedom. I have a goal; to create a sa-mp server that rises above all other sa-mp servers when those inevitably fall, I am aiming to be the net that catches all of the remaining players. I want to bring systems to the sa-mp community that have not even been seen before, I want to share them with you.
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hell yeah jeff, get it jeff
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el jeff
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