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•Heat auto Mechanical Company origins :-

Heat auto Mechanical Company was established in the 14th of April 2012 at San Francisco, Doherty. By the hands of Aaron Moses and his twin brother Tyler Moses, Who have managed to run the Heat auto Mechanical Company very well after their uncle's death, Who was guiding and teaching them, The origins of the Mechanicals businesses to take over his place after his death.
The Heat Mechanical Company was the only source to their incomes, Aaron Moses and Tyler Moses, After they have decided to retire of their jobs in the Mulholland bank, Down town of Los Santos, San Andreas. Then moves to San Francisco,
Chasing their new adventure!!
And by the years, The Heat auto Mechanical Company grew up to reach the summit and became a one of the most well-know Mechanical Companies in all around of San Francisco, Under the name of Heat Auto Mechanical Company, And the management of Aaron Moses and his twin brother Tyler Moses.
•Tyler and Aaron Moses background life story :-

Aaron and Tyler Moses were born in the 14th of April 1993, At the All Saints Insurances Hospital, Beautiful city of
Los Santos, San Andreas. They had a great childhood, And a high-standing education, In a wealthy family.
Aaron Moses Was the firstborn of his father ; Arthur Moses Hunter the well-known businessman, And the owner of the worldwide known cars dealership ; The Grotti Automotive Dealership and all of its working-branches around the world.
Arthur Moses Hunter was one of the richest businessmen of his generation and in his era, His only one mistake was ; When he decided to join The Company Organization in the 20th of May 1990, A well-known illegal organization for anti-money laundering.
Which have been founded by the well-known Italian businessman Conard Scaletta who gathered up the well-known and the wealthy businessmen of San Andreas, Into his organization and the list counted ; Conard Scaletta, Steven Ancelotti, Jay Russel, Wesley Fisher, and Arthur Moses Hunter. Conard Scaletta planted the idea of establishing an illegal organization for anti-money laundering, Which can increase their earnings and grow up their relations of business in their heads successfully after he have confirmed that everything will be covered behind their legal notarized businesses.
And indeed Conard Scaletta managed to establish The Company after a several months.
Focusing on Arthur Moses Hunter his joining to The Company Organization have gave a big opportunities to all of his rivals to defy and affront him. And after a several months of his joining to The Company Organization ; Too many cases have been assigned in the Los Santos court against Arthur Moses Hunter for corruption and too many cases for anti-money laundering cause of his involving with The Company Organization. After a several months of the judge ruled a three years imprison for Arthur Moses Hunter and five years imprison for all of Conard Scaletta and Steven Ancelotti with disbanding their illegal organization. The Company Organization.
All of Conard Scaletta and Steven Ancelotti wealth and bank account were blocked..
Arthur Moses Hunter wealth and his bank account weren't blocked cause he had some black-contacts in the government.. And after a few days he got released of the jail with a huge bail with a sum of $1,500,000
Arthur Moses Hunter have decided to quit the businessman life and sold all of his businesses. The Grotti Automotive Dealership in a worldwide public auction, And it been sold with a sum of $100,000,000 
Which have all wasted on Arthur's Moses Hunter treatments and his wife Sophia Moses treatment as well who was badly effected of,
her husband Arthur Moses Hunter death in the 16th of March 2010 
And after several months Aaron's Moses mother Sophia Moses have dead too in the 30th of August 2010
After seven years...
Aaron Moses and his twin brother Tyler Moses, Have decided to remains his educations and they been highly graduated of the Greenglass University of San Andreas from the department of Politics&Economy achieving 
a Bachelor in Politics and its arts, Another Bachelor in Commerce and its arts, And another Bachelor in the Law and its arts.
And they could have disengage all of his bad memories and, The bad thoughts of giving up their life
with a suicide after they have lost their lovely parents. 
But Aaron Moses convinced his twin brother Tyler Moses, And they both have decided to overcame, With a new beginning of their life exploding the all opportunities of life with their educations and experiences..
And they could have find a high-standing job in The Mulholland Bank, Downtown of Los Santos. And a new residence which belongs to The Mulholland Bank In the Stars Tower, Down Town of Los Santos, San Andreas, Till they have decided to retire of their job and moves to San Francisco, To their uncle, Chasing a new adventure.
•A day in San Francisco, Doherty :-

In the 30th of August 2015 at the San Francisco, Doherty. While the both of Aaron Moses and his brother Tyler Moses was working on a one of the customers vehicle, Tyler opened a conversation with Aaron, And they converse a regular speak about importing and buying the monthly merchandise of the ; Car's comps, Car's body-parts, Car's rim-kits, Car's tires, Fuels, Paints and sprays. And Tyler noted to Aaron the extra existing merchandise which, They still already have in the warehouse shelfs. And as a talk conversing Aaron noted to Tyler the idea of importing and buying new tools kits which includes some ; Wrenches, Screws, Screwdriver, Crowbars, Hammers, Nitrous oxide packages, Cables and wires in addition to some cranes.
•Troubles knocking :-

Cesar Vialpando is the merchandises and exporter source of the merchandise of the Heat auto Mechanical Company in San Francisco, Doherty. Cesar Vialpando is a know of his daily moving, He never completed a sunset in one city, He was working with Jay Moses Hunter, Tyler and Aaron Moses uncle's.
Till once upon a time, Far away of San Francisco, Doherty, At Los Santos, Unity Station. Cesar Vialpando have participate in a street car show with Kendal Johnson, His fiancée, And there, There were a well-known guy names Carl Johnson, Who was controlling and commanding the Grove Street Family, With his relatives, And he too, Carl Johnson participated in the same street cars show to find his sister, Kendal with Cesar Vialpando, Hanging together, For sure Carl Johnson went mad furiously as hell, Because one of Cesar's Vialpando contacts and relations is the Varrios Los Aztecas, And its rivalry with the Grove Street Family, So he was worried on his sister, Kendall Johnson, Who have told him that, She and Cesar are in a duration of engagement and cooled his worries, Then she introduced them to each others, And as Cesar Vialpando wanted to show his good intentions, He offered to Carl Johnson to join his business, As they are no longer rivals and more too a relatives, And Carl simply agreed to join Cesar Vialpando.
•Relatives :-

After a several days Cesar Vialpando called Carl Johnson on his cellphone and asked him, If he want to join him, Within a deliver of his business, And Carl Johnson agreed, That deliver was belong to the Heat auto Mechanical Company at San Francisco, Doherty.
And the both of Carl Johnson and Cesar Vialpando,
Have went to deliver the ordered merchandise to the Heat auto Mechanical Company.
While they were in the way to San Francisco, Doherty, Cesar Vialpando has informed Carl Johnson, That his business isn't similar to the Grove Family businesses, because he just exporting the merchandise to the companies, And the both sides receives their own benefits and earnings far away of each others. Cesar Vialpando had forced to mention this, To Carl Johnson as warning of using the, His family standards and concepts into Cesar's Vialpando businesses.
In the worth of the meaning The Grove Street Family was a powerful street criminal family at Idlewood, Los Santos, San Andreas.
And after few hours, Cesar Vialpando and Carl Johnson transfered the merchandise to the Heat auto Mechanical Company, In the warehouse, And Aaron Moses wrote the check to Cesar Vialpando with a sum of $350.000 to the mechanical merchandise.
Then the both of Cesar Vialpando and Carl Johnson left on their way back to Los Santos. And while they were in the way to Los Santos, Cesar Vialpando opened a conversation with Carl Johnson about marrying Carl's Johnson sister, Kendal ; Then moving and settle at Montgomery, Red County, San Andreas, And Carl Johnson agreed and congratulated him.
And here Cesar Vialpando have told Carl Johnson that, He will cut all of his businesses in Los Santos, And begins with a new county life at The Red County, Montgomery. Carl Johnson have congratulated him once again, And told him, Thats would be great for him and his wife, Also for their children in the future, But Carl Johnson informed Cesar Vialpando, That he would like to remains the merchandising business, Because it returns a sum of a good profits, And he promised to send Cesar's Vialpando his own percentage, In the weekends.So, Cesar Vialpando agreed and told him, To make this one away of the, Grove Family business, Standards and concepts, legally earnings, Away of the criminal street gangs, Which he is involved with.
In the worth of the meaning ; Carl's Johnson reaction was to reaming the silences and nodding his head twice with a smirks to
Cesar Vialpando congratulating him again.
Heat auto Mechanical Company - Grooved :-

After a several weeks, Carl Johnson have delivered, Too many delivers to, The Heat auto Mechanical Company. And by the time, He managed to spoke, And opens a conversation with Tyler and Aaron Moses, About investing and set a co ownership, But the both of Tyler Moses and Aron Moses showed a big refuse to Carl Johnson, And informed him, That's, The Heat auto Mechanical Company is a family business since the 80's under the management of their uncle,
Jay Moses Hunter. And that's, The reason why, They haven't hired anybody to the company, Since to his death.
Carl Johnson, Have shown a random to cold expressions, And left the place, Leaving no words behind him.
After a month, Carl Johnson went to deliver the merchandise to The Heat auto Mechanical Company, But the weird thing that, This time, And only this time, The delivery took a some of, A two trucks, While the merchandise amount was always the same.
Carl Johnson entered the place, Within a lofty steps, Showing a wry expressions on his face to Tyler and Aaron Moses, Till he have managed to pull out his handgun aiming on them, And shouted a sign to a some of the Grove Family members, Who were hiding in the second truck, Who came out holding their handguns and weapons, aiming to Tyler and Aaron Moses, And here the duo, Tyler and Aaron Moses have managed to do nothing. And here, Carl Johnson begins on threating them,
And dictates his orders of paying him an extra fees or he will cut of delivering the mechanical merchandise to them, Also he warned them of calling the police or he will set the whole place on fire.
And the Grove Family could have managed to put their hands on the Heat auto Mechanical Company.
And this situation have remained for three months, Till the 11th of November 2016 as the Moses brothers remained on paying the extra fees to the Grove Family, And their earnings became too low, As Carl Johnson have send some members to settle in San Francisco, Doherty, To keep their eyes on the Moses brothers, And for sure, Their were recognized of their "Colors." And that's, What's have attracted the attentions of the Grove Family, Rivals. The Glen Park of Los Santos, Ballas. Also those Grove Family members was selling and buying drugs in front of the Heat auto Mechanical Company, Which have attracted the police attentions as well.

Heat criminal?! :-

As we mentioned before all of the Grove members activities, And The Johnson's visits to San Francisco, Doherty, Have attracted the attentions to the Heat auto Mechanical Company, As a one of their dirty properties. The Moses brothers, Had nothing in the hand to do, They are dealing with a cracked heads teenagers, So they were just nodding an agreeable gestures to them, Till once upon a time, The most well-know corrupt officer in Los Santos, Idlewood, Officer Frank Tenpenny, Who was a known of the whole Grove Family activities, And their illegal dirty businesses, But instead of arresting them, He was blackmailing them, To his self-profits and his own advantage.
Officer Frank Tenpenny, Came to San Francisco, Doherty, And opened a conversation with Carl Johnson away of Tyler and Aaron Moses, In the Heat auto Mechanical Company garage, And told him, That he should begin on paying his taxes, smirking letting the thoughts mentions his intentions, Of referring Carl Johnson to pays to Officer Frank Tenpenny his fees, As well. Carl Johnson agreed, Then Officer Frank Tenpnny left on his way back to Los Santos.
Tyler and Aaron Moses could have noticed the officer exiting the garage, And remained the silences afterwards.

New Sources, New plans :-

Once upon a time, In the 5th of January 2017 at San Francisco, Doherty. The both of Tyler and Aaron Moses have decided to take some actions against the Grove situation of their mechanical company, Especially after the police visit, Which they both have thought, That it would lead their company to an unjust shut down, So they went out to the Chinatown of San Francisco, And there, They have managed to find a famous agency for merchandises exporters, And after this, The Moses brothers, Sign the contracts of a new mechanical merchandises exporter, Known as Zero Zee.
The Moses brother meet and had their conversation with Zero Zee, Have informed him of the current situation of their mechanical company, And Zero Zee, Had suggested the idea of moving to Los Angeles, San Andreas,
And re-establish their mechanical company there.
But before this Zero Zee, Have confirmed, That he would take his own and their revenge from Carl Johnson, Sooner or later.
In the worth of the meaning the Grove Family members have destroyed Zero's Zee tools shop at Chinatown, While their settle, Which leaded to gets, Zero Zee hired to the merchandises agency.
Heat auto Mechanical Company - Ridged :-

Tyler and Aaron Moses waited to the end of the month in the 30th of January 2017 until Carl Johnson came with the merchandise, But this time he came with Cesar Vialpando and Kendal Johnson.
Carl Johnson warned Tyler and Aaron Moses of Opening their mouthes with any information, To Cesar Vialpando, And to complete and serve this, He sent all of the Grove Family members back to Los Santos, Idlewood.
Cesar Vialpando and Carl Johnson transfered the merchandise to the warehouse...
Kendal Johnson has brought the cards, And she said to her husband Cesar Vialpando :
"It been a long while, You and Carl, Haven't meet, Play!! A card game!! Till Aaron prepares the checks!!
Cesar Vialpando agreed his wife, And challenged Carl Johnson,
Who seemed to be so weired and nervous, Into a card game, Till Aaron Moses prepare the checks.
Aaron Moses and Tyler Moses finished the checks and brought it with them, To the table and joining Cesar Vialpando, And Carl Johnson, Waiting them to finish their game.
Then on a suddenly, Zero Zee, Had entered the garage shouting : "Long life Grove!!" While holding a Molotov..
Aaron Moses, Grabbed a hold of his twin brother Tyler Moses and pulled him, With his standing away of Zero's Zee range..
Cesar Vialpando, Hurried a jump towards his wife, Hugged her, And crouched a jump of the ground avoiding Zero's Zee range..
Carl Johnson, Stood up lifting his shirt as he sliming out his handgun of his pants, Pulling the aiming trigger on Zero Zee..
Zero Zee, Have threw up the Molotov..
The whole place have set on fire..
Tyler and Aaron Mose, Were already reached the exterior..
Cesar Vialpando and his wife, Kendal Johnson, Have also reached the exterior..
The fire have impinged Carl Johnson..
Zero Zee, Was shot by Carl Johnson and the fire impinged, The both of them to, Their death..
After few minutes the medics and firemen came and set the fire off, And served the injured..
Tyler and Aaron Moses, Have informed Cesar Vialpando of everything,
Who has wrote down, A check with a sum of $2.500.000 as a compensation of everything.
And after few days, The both of Tyler and Aaron Moses set to prepare themselves, Of the moving to Los Angeles, To re-establish
The Heat auto Mechanical Company, And to set, Their settle at Los Angeles, San Andreas.

Heat auto Mechanical Company - Los Angeles :-

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